The SoundMaster

The reason I started Planet of Sound so many years ago was because I have always had a special ability to hear. Within a few seconds I can tell whether something is correct, natural, accurate - or not. Conversely, even after years, I can remember what things sound like and have developed an encyclopedic knowledge of products as well as university training in room acoustics. Most usefully, after 10,000 hours+ of listening to thousands of components in thousands of rooms, I have developed the ability to protract which component is causing what effect. This is not common information and it's certainly not a common skill. Just ask any difficult question of any range of stereo purveyors and see how they answer.

When you are ready to buy your final system, I am here to learn your taste, concerns and environment - to bring you one-to-one, the SoundMaster experience. 



Gunnar Van Vliet


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