"Just wanted to say "thank you" to Nick and David for the Hi-Fi University session last night. It was fun, informative, and great to meet some fellow audiophiles as well as learning some new "critical listening" skills. I still want to come back to hear what the Cornwalls sound like once fired up! My biggest (or perhaps "smallest") pleasant surprise of the night was the KEF LS50. I discovered that I actually like speakers that are a bit more forward -- who knew? A fun follow-up session might be some analog and digital comparisons. I'd happily attend another session of  Hi-Fi University. I look forward to seeing you all again soon" -- Erik J


 "Hey Chris and Kathy, Thanks again for all your help and service. I just wanted to say that I appreciate it very much. Oh and holy freakin’ Hanna those C7s sound amazing in my system!!! Wow. It was funny the other night, a friend was visiting us and she was curious as to how it would sound if she airplayed some tunes from her phone. Well she stayed for hours playing tracks and she was entranced. It was cute to she her so lost in the music, and I was very surprised and happy as to how it sounded. I think I made a great purchase. Cheers for now" -- Keith A.


"I have been listening this morning to your playlist of Best Music of 2015 – it is absolutely superb! It is by far the best playlist I have heard in ages and, with some few exceptions, the artists are all new to me, so it is a wonderful education for me in new music. Thank you very much for preparing and sharing this playlist – a great seasonal present!" -- Brian F.


"I thought that after many many years of enjoying music on various costly equipment, that I had developed the ability to get the most out of my system.Boy was I wrong. Gunnar promised me that the small cost of having him coming to my house and refining the performance of my existing set up would be the best money I've spent on my audio. Now that he's come and worked my equipment around, I couldn't agree more. He made me realize why I spent all that money on my equipment in the first place. What's most important, is that he allowed me to enjoy my music in my own home like never before. I now realize that expensive equipment alone is not enough. It takes an ear and breadth of knowledge like that of Gunnar's to bring out the real value good equipment." -- James K.


"I would just like to thank you for all the guidance and help you have given me in the search for my Home Theatre System. I love my Marantz Receiver and thanks for talking me through the advantages of upgrading this component... As for the Castle Knights, I can't say enough. Right from the moment you unpack them you know you have a superior product. They sound great now and I haven't even broken them in yet. I have all the sound I need for my “Man Room” and that is more than I thought I’d end up with when I started. The Lincoln center and the Compact Sub are doing their jobs perfectly and I would recommend this set-up to anyone who was looking for great sound. As for the Service you guys gave me.. well all I can say is thanks for going above and way beyond... But then when Eugene came to the house for 2 hours to help me sort out the details of the new system and position things perfectly..., well I really knew I’d made the right decision about where to buy my audio equipment. I am not the most knowledgeable customer that has ever walked through your doors but you took the time to learn about the size of my space and didn’t push me in to bad decisions that would have unwontedly pushed my budget or needs... You guys have it worked out on the sound front!" -- Robert P.


"I was recently in the market to reconfigure my existing home hi fi system. Gunnar, and his knowledgeable staff, were tremendously helpful and accommodating in providing me with several well thought out alternatives. In fact, Gunnar clearly demonstrated his commitment not only to finding the ideal solution for me, but presenting me with solutions that saved me both time and money. Gunnar’s emphasis was very focused on optimizing my sonic enjoyment rather than selling/up selling me on unneeded equipment. Planet of Sound, without a doubt, is my new ‘go to’ source for any and all of my future hi fi needs. Thanks Gunnar — keep up the great work in delighting customers and you will enjoy tremendous success. ps. It’s very gratifying to find a LOCAL business so knowledgeable and dedicated to customer satisfaction." -- Doug C.


"Gunnar - thank you. I have just spent my first few hours, eyes closed - head bobbing and weaving - there might have been a little air guitar going on here and there... I can see that I will get to rediscover music that has been on the shelf for years. Amazing sound." -- Rob D.


"After listening to the DT860 and the DT770 today, went with the 770 and couldn't be more pleased. Also purchased an upgrade cartridge for my turntable. Great service from the young fellows in the store. Great shop, wish you the best of success." -- Brian T.


"Spikes on, position tweaked, speakers have disappeared.......Patricia Barber, "too rich for my blood" from the album Cafe Blue.......totally cool and amazing with these Harbeths..." -- Dave B.


"Thanks for another great recommendation. The Marantz CD5004 is very good with the Perreaux and with my ears as well. It does an exceptional job and opens up a lot more from each disc than we had heard before." -- Rick B.

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