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  • "Thriller" System

"Thriller" System

$3,199.00 $3,247.00


Improvement over the Synchronicity system comes from the fabulous NAD C 588 Turntable. This thing is so good it's scary. Black backgrounds, huge dynamics and rock-solid imaging. The upgraded tonearm and plinth really make a difference.

The NAD C 368 amplifier is a modern classic with a highly detailed and punchy sound and all the emotion you could ask for with built in bluetooth hi-res for simple streaming, hi-res DAC and optional BluOS card for complete computer music without the computer.

The source is the upgraded NAD C 588 turntable with a high mass plinth and minimalist british design for utmost long term reliability and top sound. All the money is put into the key component parts - the tonearm, the motor and platter and the resonance reducing plinth. Simple and direct analog sound!

Finally, the PSB Alpha T20 rounds out the package with a muscular and incisive sound in the smallest package. 

The upgrade to the source equipment just gives more to the amp and speakers which reveal numerous extra layers of detail and musical enjoyment. 


NAD C 368 Amplifier
NAD C 588 Turntable
PSB Alpha T20 Speakers

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