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  • "Thriller" System

"Thriller" System

$5,799.00 $6,196.00


Improvement over the Synchronicity system comes from the fabulous Pro-Ject RPM 5 Carbon Turntable. This thing is so good it's scary. Black backgrounds, huge dynamics and rock-solid imaging. Mated to that great carbon fibre tonearm is the Goldring 2400, a huge overperformer in MM cartridges. It will outperform most moving coils costing a lot more due to the extremely precise Vital stylus and the high output dynamic sound. The improvement in detail retrieval warrants a better phono stage as well - the Graham Slee Era Gold V, one of the best MM phono preamps that money can buy. The upgrade to the source equipment just gives more to the amp and speakers which reveal numerous extra layers of detail and musical enjoyment. 

Marantz PM8006 Amplifier
Pro-Ject RPM 5 Carbon Turntable with Goldring 2400 cartridge
Graham Slee Era Gold V phono pre-amplifier
Monitor Audio Silver 200 Speakers

Financing options available for as little as $290 a month.

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