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  • "The Wall" System

"The Wall" System

$27,000.00 $29,590.00


The Wall system is getting into absolute magic territory, where you're driving home from work and you are thinking "what is the first record I'm going to play?" The turntable is the same as the Thriller system, but with the added outboard speed controller for added speed stability and convenience of switching speed electrically. The cartridge is the exceptional My Sonic Labs Eminent Ex, made by Japan's top OEM cartridge company. Its big, bold, dynamic sound with rock solid imaging and heaps of detail gives a wonderfully balanced and accurate feed to the amp and speakers.

The p1000 phono preamp is a completely dual mono design that goes so far as to have 2 complete power transformers for zero cross-talk and complete high current drive. Adjustable for everything from 40-72dB and loading for any MC, it is one of the most flexible phono preamps on the planet. 

The amp is the middle of Accuphase's range, the E-370. High current 100 watts per channel with a giant power transformer gives real punch. Full featured with those gorgeous VU meters, this is a heritage amp that you can pass down to your children. 

Finally, the magical Harbeth SHL5plus speakers complete the triad. With the signature Harbeth midrange, they literally sing. Voices on these speakers are like god talking. After an hour of listening to voice or sax, it's impossible to go back to another speaker. With a 3 way design, they also rock with tightly damped bass and a big volume to fill even very large rooms. Due to the front port however, they fit surprisingly well into even tiny rooms. We have one customer with this system in a 12' x 12' room and it is the pinnacle of near field listening.

Accuphase E-370 Integrated Amplifier
Kuzma Stabi PS Turntable with Stogi S Tonearm and My Sonic Labs Eminent Ex Cartridge
Mies P1000 phono preamplifier 
Harbeth SHL5plus Speakers

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