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  • "The Wall" System

"The Wall" System

$12,999.00 $13,896.00


The Wall system is getting into absolute magic territory, where you're driving home from work and you are thinking "what is the first record I'm going to play?" The turntable is the Pro-Ject RPM 9 Carbon, a minimalist audiophile gem that eliminates most of the problems of turntables by simply eliminating the plinth. The outboard motor never comes in contact with the main plinth for supremely quiet operation and the carbon fibre tonearm is one of the finest made, competing with tonearms up to $5000. The cartridge is the exceptional Goldring Ethos which is 98% as good as anything at any price. Its big, naturally dynamic sound with expansive imaging and heaps of detail gives a wonderfully balanced and accurate feed to the amp and speakers.

The amp is the NAD M 33 which features the revolutionary Purifi Eigentakt digital amplifier technology. Digital amps used to suck, but like all things computer, the progression over the past 10 years has been stunning to the point where they now equal or outperform the finest transistor amps. In addition to full streaming BluOS features for Tidal and hi-res etc., the coup de grace is the build in Dirac room correction. No matter how good your equipment is, your room will always mess up the sound, sometimes to an incredible degree in the bass regions. Dirac uses the most advanced computer to re-equalize the sound so that your room sounds as close to the recording studio as possible. It's amazing to hear in action. No traditional component has the ability to fix and perfect sound to this degree. Astonishing.

The final piece is the PSB Imagine X2T slim tower speakers. Advanced driver design allows for a balanced sound and powerful sound in the smallest cabinet. When paired with the M10 room correction you can get full range concert hall like levels in even the smallest room. Nothing like this was possible even 5 years ago.

Pro-Ject RPM 9 Carbon with Goldring Ethos Cartridge
NAD M 33 Reference BluOS Streaming Amplifier
PSB Imagine X2T Tower Speakers

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