• "The Last Waltz" System

"The Last Waltz" System

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The top of the heap.


 All the components are world-leading in their own right and will outperform those costing many times as much, but when you put them all together here a magic synergy propels this system exponentially beyond its price. It will outperform just about anything under $100k. We have spent our entire career looking for the synergy found here. Notable is the jump to the Kuzma Stabi Ref turntable and tonearm, a reference tool for vinyl replay. We keep the Kuzma cartridge and Accuphase phono stage because of the sublime naturalness when paired with the Air Tight. The Air Tight pieces are the pinnacle of tube amplifier design with perfect neutrality, layering, soundstage, and dynamics. There are no other tubes that do this! The final piece is the Harbeth Monitor 40.2 - Simply our pick for the world's best all-round speaker. Truly full range with unforced dynamics, warmth and infinitely layered detail. Pin-point soundstaging and naturality with no fatigue. Suitable for concert level volume and dynamics if you have the room - ideally 18 x 24 or thereabouts. 

Air Tight ATC-2 Preamplifier
Air Tight ATM-1S Power Amplifier
Kuzma Stabi Ref Turntable with My Sonic Lab Signature Gold Cartridge
Accuphase C-37 Phono Preamp 
Harbeth Monitor 40.2 Speakers

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