• JM Reynaud Abscisse Jubilee

JM Reynaud Abscisse Jubilee




The ABSCISSE Jubilee is a complete re-invention of the ABSCISSE.

Like its predecessor, this new Abscisse synthesizes our research to get closer and closer to the original musical message but moves significantly beyond its predecessor.
ABSCISSE is a mathematical term evoking the axis given to our research in the past and directed towards the future. It has been developed with the primary objective of creating a near full range system that is as compact as possible, such that it can be installed with a minimum of positioning constraint. It concentrates all the know-how and experience of 50 years in the service of music and beautiful sound.

With compact dimensions, it offers the performance of a large system that is suitable to deploying a vast and perfectly realized sound image in a moderate sized room. It distills a nuanced and very fine density of tone; its spectral balance is remarkable. It offers impressive extension in the low end that is also dynamic and articulate. Its midrange is open, clear, delicate but also very rich and complex.
Its treble range is exceptionally natural, going very high without a hint of acidity, tension or aggressiveness. The silkiness of the strings, the diphthongs of the voices are reproduced with great precision but without false light. Transients and fine dynamics are reproduced with accuracy in nuance and with an astonishing serenity.
It responds perfectly to the demands of a music-loving audience sensitive to the shimmering of timbre, the breathing and the articulation of an interpretation.
Thanks to its exemplary linearity, its exact impulse response as well as a particularly fast and regular damping time, the ABSCISSE Jubilee has a high degree pf expressiveness that is devoid of hardness, providing hours of satisfying listening. As a sound source, it essentially disappears creating a stable and deep sound stage. The details of a sound recording, the geometrical proportions of an acoustic space can be read with ease, without false light. Its rapid and particularly well-articulated low frequencies enable the ABSCISSE Jubilee to be installed in any type of room, even of relatively small size, with constant and perfectly mastered energy. It is resolutely modern in form and spirit, fast, transparent, reactive to the slightest solicitations, without ever betraying the material and the richness of the complex sounds of all music. The exterior appearance is very sculptural, anchored in its time and subtly modernized in this new Jubilee version.


Freq 35 to 28khz
Impedance 4 ohms
Power handling 40 - 250W
Sensitivity 89 db/W/m (2,83V)
Filter type 6/12db/12db/Octave crossover frequency 350hz and 2800hz
Connection Mono and double wire
Dimensions L :20cm P : 30cm H : 115cm
Bi-Amplification Yes passive mode

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