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New Kuzma Stabi R available!

New Kuzma Stabi R available!

Posted: Jun 20 2018

At Munich in May this year, Kuzma released a very special new turntable-- the Stabi R. This table is a trickle down of the massive Stabi M. With a similar constructed steel plinth chamber holding the motor and power supply, it offers the best of high mass designs in the smallest footprint as well as the same motor and power supply as the M. Additionally, optional wings on either side and even a 4 arm set of outriggers is available to mount whatever arms you desire and to simultaneously compare up to 4 cartridges - mono, stereo, MM, MC etc. Available in 3 standard finishes and also two wood plinth add-ons, the Stabi R is destined to be the most versatile and popular Kuzma yet.


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